Why Fall Is My Favorite Season – Top 9 Reasons

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Living in Vermont I get a taste of every single season our lovely world has to offer us! I feel fortunate being able to experience a little bit of everything, to be honest. Although after a few months of snow, I'm dreaming of a far away palm tree paradise, I still wouldn't give up living with the ever changing four (plus at times) seasons! Even if I'm not ready for the change at times.

There are so many unique aspects about each and every season that we experience throughout our twelve short months of the year. Yet, fall has always been, hands down, my most favorite! Regardless of how sad I am to see the lazy summer days, floating by the pool with not a care in the world go, I'm still always happy to see fall spread across our state like a wildfire! I've compiled a list of the biggest reasons why I love this season first and foremost above any other!

We all love the sunshine on our skin, a crisp, refreshing body of water to cool off in during the scorching summer months and everything else that comes along with summer time. But, if I could pick one season to live in year round, it would be the few short months of fall. Here's why…

Why Fall is my Favorite Season

#1: The temperature is almost always just right! There's no need for over-stuffed winter coats, boots, hats or mittens. You can wear a hooded sweatshirt and pair of jeans to a football game and be completely comfortable. Your ears won't freeze and go numb, and your nose doesn't stick together from your boogies going into an instant freeze on you when you step outside the door (anyone who lives in a cold climate knows exactly what I'm talking about! We have to become mouth breathers in the winter for sake of freezing boog's! Gross, I know! But it's so very true). You can still feel the warmth of the sun on your back, but the crisp, light and cool breeze keeps you content yet comfortable with the perfect temperature!

#2: Football, soccer, and sports galore! There's nothing like a game under the lights on a Friday night in the fall! Whether you're a high school student cheering on your best friend or crush, or a parent running up the side line screaming excitedly while you watch your child make the most amazing play of their life yet! Fall sports is the annual kickoff of a year-long sports season! Fall sports bring homecoming, bomb fires, pep rallies and camaraderie to youth. Pure support and eagerness from the parents who work tirelessly to get the future athletes of the world to and from practice, games and all of the above. It's a true sense of spirit, and we all take part in it somehow.

#3: Fresh Apples are everywhere in my parts! Apple Orchards are buzzing with guests, as various flavors of Apples ripen and fall from their tree limbs. If you've never been Apple picking, I suggest you add it to your list, because it's a wonderful family experience! Roaming the orchard trying to find the perfect apple to add to your bag, climbing to the tippy top to get that “one” apple you see tantalizing you from up above. It's a bonding experience, filled with hay rides, fresh baked fall treats and more!

#4: It's baking season! Which means I'm in the kitchen creating everything from Apple pie and Sheppard's Pie to my grandmother's fresh Pasta sauce and handmade bread. The smell of cinnamon and spice in the kitchen reminds me that fall kicks off a long winter full of well prepared, delectable comfort food for our families to enjoy. My collection of recipes come flying out one by one as the leaves change. There are so many changes around here other than the leaves, I can tell you that!

#5: The indescribable scent in the air that distinguishes its fall. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but there's a particular scent in the air when fall has finally settled in and is here. Maybe it's the smell of dirt and earth mixed into one, but it's much more distinct in the fall. I remember my father coming from hunting in October and November and smelling his “hunting scents”. Now, that smells just like dirt, as he used cover scents to hide his human odor from unsuspecting deer. But the scent I'm referring to is slightly different, but distinct. If you're from Vermont or the surrounding area, I think you know what I'm talking about. For those of you who aren't in this immediate area, I'm sorry I wish I could find the words to better describe the smell I'm referring too! It's similar to that of fresh, crisp air mixed with nature. Sounds strange, but the smell in the air certainly changes in the fall.

#6: The options of things to do are unlimited! From corn mazes to pumpkin patches and spooktacular haunted Halloween events, to that one last ride through the magnificent Smuggler's Notch before it gets closed up for the winter. The choices of things to do on a weekend seem to multiply. It's almost like everyone knows that all too soon our options will be limited, so we have a couple months filled with many outdoor activities and options to chose from!

#7: The scenes to behold are wondrous and pure (of course)! Sometime in August I always notice that one tree. The tree that seems confused about when it's leaves are supposed to start changing. Because mixed within the full, bushy, thick with green tree is the one lonesome yellowish-orange leaf! The minute you see that one tree with that one lonely little leaf is when the rest of the change starts to happen. It's slow yet quick. Almost overnight that one lonesome and confused little leaf spreads its fashion statement like a raging tidal wave across our region! It doesn't matter if your a tourist, resident or simply passing through. The colors will make you gasp, the sights in the distance are truly amazing

#8: Fall is the time of year that the holiday season is kicked off! Starting with the fun and excitement for our youth when it's time to get decked out in their costumes before going out to collect endless amounts of candy from their neighbors and friends. Then Thanksgiving, the first big family gathering of the holiday season. A time to try new recipes and home decor. Gather with relatives from near and far for a simple, endless gathering of food, family and good times with the ones that matter most. Fall to me symbolizes a time to be thankful for all of our lives blessings and to reconnect with the family and friends that we haven't seen for some time.

#9: The days are shorter and nights are longer. This isn't necessarily one of my favorite aspects of the fall, but it does allow more time for my family to spend time together! With the sun setting sooner, and night falling quicker we are faced with finding things to do inside, together. Anything from cozying up together and watching a movie before bed, or even simply a good old fashioned game of cribbage. This time of year sparks creativity and togetherness. Although I do prefer longer days and shorter nights, I do absolutely enjoy the extra time spent with my husband and kids doing things that families do when the sun has parted ways with the day much sooner, sometimes even hours before getting home from work.

So here it is, my most favorite parts of the ever-changing fall season! What is your favorite season? Comment below to share yours, I'm curious how many others out there prefer fall above any other, just like me!

Have you ever had a pumpkin carving contest? This is something we have done with my kids every year! It's a lot of fun, although it's a “contest” there are no winners or losers. Each and every pumpkin is awarded somehow.