Why Cry Over Spilled Milk?

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Why cry over spilled milk  –  Pick your own battles  –  Don't sweat the little things

Some people have a hard time considering any of the above. In my opinion, life is much more pleasant when your the kind of person who can simply clean up the spilled milk! Wipe it up, and it's gone, problem solved. Some battles are so very small, it's less stressful to just let the minuscule irritations go, and worry about the bigger, more important battles in life. Most importantly, if you make a huge deal out of each and every little “thing” you could become the overbearing, grump that nobody wants to be around. All of the above should be considered in all regards to life, but it's especially important when you are a parent and have a family!

I'm the type of person who chooses to highlight the good things in life. If I walk in the door after work and notice that my son left his school bag in the middle of the floor (AGAIN), let's say I'm opening his report card at the same time, to discover he finally brought that “C” up to an “A”! I'm the type of person who would choose to congratulate him on his achievement! I recognize that his hard work and diligence paid off and that I'm proud of him. I do that first. Then, after the positive, cheerful discussion of how well he did is over, I quite simply ask him to put his school bag up on the hook, where it's supposed to be. He complies, without complaint, and we all carry on with a positive, cheerful evening. Other's would be so worked up that he didn't listen to the simple request he's been asked countless times, day in and day out, that an argument or disagreement would ensue the moment that dang bag is found left on the floor, AGAIN. All that over a silly school bag, doesn't make sense when you're not living it, does it? Most people respond how they are approached. It's not just a “kid” thing, I think it's a “human” reaction. So, tempers will flare, irritation is unavoidable, then by the time you get to the report card, there's simply not any room for praise because your entire home is filled with hostility and discontent over the silly, little, school bag being left on the floor.

In all honesty, I've lived my life both ways. I much prefer the first example. There are TONS of books out there that talk about how you think, feel, speak and act, and how that's reflective of the situations, people and “things” in your life. If you choose to be happy, you will bring happiness into your life. I am a firm believer that you can create your own worst fears. By worrying, obsessing and being “afraid” of something you don't want to happen so often that all you can do is worry about your fear happening! By doing this, you will create it. Then, there's your worst fear, true life, right in front of your face. So why can't you create your happy place? I believe you can, and thinking this way was a diligently learned way to think. I'll give you some good suggestions on books you can read to help you change the way you think. In all honesty, your mindset matters, quite a bit actually.

I'll talk about one series of books in particular that honestly changed the way I think about of a lot “things”. Some may have heard of the first book in the series, other's may not have; “The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne (I'll tell you where you can get a copy below). I read this book very shortly after it was released and it completely changed my outlook on life! It was motivating, freeing and life-changing to be completely honest. I'll tell you how to get a copy of this book too. Until we get to that point, let me start by saying if your anything like me than your brain is constantly moving at warp speed! Like gears twisting and turning, I'm always thinking, as most of us often do. If you poison your mind with terrible thoughts, how can you be happy on the outside? It's very hard, trust me! After reading the first book in this series “The Secret”, I implemented many of the tips the Author points out in this book. I then went on to read three of the books that came after. I finally found a way to train myself how to not only think positively but to be thankful for everything I already had in my life, even the little things that usually didn't matter. Some people spend so much time wishing for everything they don't have, that they forget to appreciate all the wonderful blessings they already have staring right at them!

You can get “The Secret” by clicking right here🙁 http://amzn.to/2tS1jro ) it's available online on Amazon. Simply click the link I've provided, and it will bring you directly to Amazon's online store, and straight to this book, as well as the rest of the books in this series. If you end up with as much insight and motivation to change within as I did, then I would definitely recommend continuing, and reading the rest of the series which also includes “The Power”, “Magic”, and “Hero” all of which I've personally read. Again, the link to bring you directly to Amazon where I've identified this series is here:( http://amzn.to/2tS1jro )I will say from first-hand experience that the Author gives excellent examples of simple ways to re-train yourself how to think differently than you've been thinking your whole life. I can say from reading these myself, that my life is much happier now that I've been following her tips. It truly is an inspirational read, one that changed my entire outlook on life. It looks like she's published a few more titles in this series other than those I've mentioned above, which I have personally not read (yet). Only the titles I've mentioned above I personally read and do recommend, highly! However, I can imagine they are just as motivating and inspiring as the first four books (I give two thumbs up to all of the titles I have personally read).

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