Week 1 Results – Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Week 1 Results – Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Yes! Week 1 results are in and I'm SO EXCITED to share them with you! Technically week 1 results aren't even a full week. By full, I mean a complete 7-day week. Each day matters, right? Yes, each day does matter with any weight loss program. You'll learn each day is even more important with the Ideal Protein weight loss program. You can have amazing results each and every day. When they add up, it's an amazing feeling!

Week 1 Results

Before I jump into my week 1 results, let me debrief everyone just in case there are new eyes on this and they need a refresher.

First, if you didn't get a chance to see my first post announcing my “10-pound” weight loss challenge which I have partnered up with the Ideal Protein weight loss program to do, you can see it right here:             https://www.lifesepicjourney.com/ideal-protein-weight-loss-program/

Now that we have updated everyone, let me continue:

  • My first “weigh in” appointment was on Saturday, September 23, 2017. To get my “official” weight for the start of my 10-pound weight loss challenge
  • I started following the Ideal Protein weight loss program on Monday, September 25, 2017
  • I had my first follow-up appointment on Saturday, September 30, 2017 (after starting the actual “diet”)

In all fairness, the week 1 results I'm about to share with you aren't really a true “weeks” results. It's about five full days of strictly following the Ideal Protein weight loss program. So please keep this in mind while viewing my results. I would've seen a wee-bit more progress had I waited to hit my official “7th day” versus going in on the weekend and only seeing my results only 5-days in.

Here are my Week 1 Results:

First, I'll show you my weight from my INITIAL appointment where I received my “Official” start of challenge weight:

Weigh in at Ideal Protein
10-Pound Weight Loss Challenge Starting Weight

NOW (drum-roll please…..) here is my weight from my first follow-up appointment (AGAIN, only 5-days into my first week using the Ideal Protein weight loss program):

Week 1 Results


Let's Do the Math for my Week 1 Results:

on Saturday, September 23, 2017, my weight was: 166.4 pounds

on Saturday, September 30, 2017, my weight was: 160.8 pounds (it was 160.4 until I picked up my cell phone to snap a photo, but in all fairness, we are going to use what the scale shows)

Week 1 Results: 5.4 Pounds LOST!!!

WOW! I know, right!

To answer a few quick questions that are probably brewing inside your mind right now:

No, I did not “starve”, I ate very healthy, I followed all the Ideal Protein weight loss program “rules” and my body more than likely received more nutrients than it was before I started this weight loss challenge.

No, I did not exercise. Although exercise is always a good idea, it's actually discouraged while in the beginning phases of the Ideal Weight loss program unless you've discussed how to prepare your body for exercise with an Ideal protein coach. Because I am not a medical professional, I'll refrain from getting into these specifics. You can discuss them with an Ideal Protein weight loss program coach in your area. I hope to have a resource guide ready to share with everyone next week sometime.

Yes, I ate the three basic meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) while also having a morning and afternoon snack! In addition, I have access to certain unlimited foods that I could eat if I experienced any type of hunger.

What did I eat during my first 5-days

There are TONS of great foods that you can eat while participating in the Ideal Protein weight loss program. I'll get into the foods, supplements and all of that in my next post (which will be out sometime next week). But, because I know you're wondering I'll give you a glimpse of what a typical day looks like.


Week 1 Results Oatmeal

I enjoy the Ideal Protein Maple Oatmeal for breakfast. It's satisfying, tasty and a perfect breakfast!


Week 1 results salad

There are countless options for lunch, I tend to enjoy a nice garden salad with a side of protein.


Week 1 Results Dinner

Dinner options are also countless! This particular day, I had myself a burger with fried cabbage. You can combine so many tasty foods together into a dish that will satisfy you and that you'll enjoy eating.


Week 1 Results Pudding

Snack options are also endless. I have a weakness for chocolate pudding, so this Ideal Protein pudding cup is a great way for me to treat myself with a snack that makes me feel like I'm cheating! The best part, I'm not!

Week 1 Results-Inches

Let's take a look at the inches that fell off, with the weight! I almost get more excited to see the inches shed over the pounds shed sometimes. In reality, it's exciting to see both because I know I'll always see results every single time I walk into the doors at the Ideal Protein weight loss center in my area.

Week 1 Results Progress Chart

you can see above a complete history of the weight and inches I've lost over time. However, in comparing the last entries (which are from my initial visit on Saturday, September 23, 2017, and my first check-in for this specific challenge on Saturday, September 30, 2017). Let's point out my results:

Arms: I lost 1/4 inch in my arms (which is okay, my arms tend to be slender anyhow)

Chest: I lost ONE whole inch in my chest (which is measured around my bust so you know)

Thorax: I lost 1/2 inch in my thorax (which is measured just below the bottom of my bust, for females this is where your bra usually ends beneath your breast)

Waist: I lost another whole inch around my waist, which is between the thorax and belly button area)

Belly: I lost another entire inch around my belly! This is measured right around the belly button, and just so everyone knows this area has always been a problem area for me! When I carry weight, I carry it in my belly.

Hips: BAM! Another inch gone in my hips, which is measured around your bum area (another problem area for me)

Thigh: Then my thigh, another 1/4 inch gone in my thigh. For me, my right thigh is measured. If I place my arms at my side right around where my thumb knuckle rests is where my thigh is measured.

Total inches lost: FIVE! (yes 5 inches gone from my body)

To summarize, with the 5 pounds I lost, 5 total inches all over my body left too. That's truly an amazing victory! I noticed my clothes fitting better by the end of my first week. I could even button a couple pairs of jeans easier than I was just the week prior! The best part, I'm at a point now where I'm honestly NEVER hungry! I have to remind myself to eat my snacks in between meals. Eating is important to keep your body in a fat burning state, so skipping meals or snacks shouldn't happen. Yet, there have been times when I look at the clock and say “Oops, I need to eat something” that's wonderful when losing weight! Usually, I look at the clock and think “I just ate, why am I still starving” but not anymore! And I love every minute of it!

If anyone has any questions about my week 1 results I'm happy to answer them! Please leave any questions in the comments below and I'll get back to you!

If you want to learn more about Ideal protein before my resource guide is available, here's the link for the Ideal Protein weight loss program in my area. Though this particular location may not be suitable for everyone due to location, it will serve its purpose in getting the answers you're looking for now. Without having to wait for my resource guide. Check out my Ideal Protein center here: Ideal Protein, Burlington Vermont

Stick around for my week 2 results which are coming soon!

Week 1 Results