Steps to Soothing Your Soul – When Your Bad Day Won’t Go Away…

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Have you ever had a bad day that just wouldn't go away? By all means, we are all entitled to our bad day every now again, it's normal. But what do you do when that bad day follows you into the next? Then another, or even another! You may even start to consider everything crazy and ridiculous from a rotten curse following you around, to your picture being the featured image on someone's pin cushion! What else could cause such a terrible week, let alone one bad day? Unfortunately, this happens to the best of us. Even those who are like me, who aspire to be the happiest, most patient and understanding souls in creation. We all have bad days every now and again, and that's okay. It's when that bad day doesn't remain an isolated incident that it becomes a problem we need to resolve.

When these bad days seem to come crashing down on us, everything else seems to go awry too. Minor irritations that you usually have the keen sense to brush off and not let bother you, instead send your patience gauge flying to the tippy top. A simple delay at a red-light could turn into a full-blown case of road rage. Everything you otherwise value and appreciate suddenly seems more like a burden than a blessing, you may even hit an unprecedented point where your usual bubbly demeanor turns into that of a sarcastic grump. If this starts to happen, which it can, to even the most pleasant and patient of people. It sounds like you may need a well overdue soul soothing session to bring your usual happy self back to the surface.

I'm a firm believer those bad days that just won't go away keep following us around because we let them. Taking a time-out to cleanse your mind and soul isn't a bad thing when you need to wash away the curse you just can't seem to kick. Regardless of what brought on your original bad day, there's a cure for all of us. You just need to find the cure that works for you. Here are a few suggestions that I always find helpful when I see that I'm falling into the rut of a repeat bad day, that sometimes feels like it doesn't want to give me a break.

Find a body of water at dusk, whether it be by the ocean, a lake or even a river. Sit (or stand, doesn't matter) by the water's edge and just observe nature's beauty. For me, there's nothing more soothing than sitting by the water. The sounds of the water rushing to shore alone can calm me. Watching the sunset on a crisp spring (or summer) evening can be one of the most beautiful sights our eyes can see. If you get caught up with life, like most of us often do, it's easy to miss the beauty that surrounds us constantly. To me, the sun setting on the edge of the lake or ocean reminds me of how endless the world truly is. There's so much more out there than the mundane aggravations that started your bad day. The smell of the water's edge, sounds of innocence surrounding you, and beauty of the sun setting in the distance can remind you of the endless possibilities that tomorrow has in store for you. Even a 30-minute (or less) time out to observe this one common occurrence soothes my soul enough to forget about the petty things that brought me there in the first place. As the sun sets, it can take your bad day with it, leaving you with a fresh start for tomorrow. If you're not like me, keep reading, there's more.

You know you better than anyone else does. Put in a pair of earbuds and play the music that you know will soothe your soul. I doubt there is a person out there that doesn't relate to music in some way. For some more than others maybe, music on its own will soothe your soul. Add another ingredient you will find peace doing, such as a bubble bath, a carefree pointless drive through the countryside, or a walk on one of the countless countryside trails that are here, there and everywhere, and you just mastered the perfect recipe to soothe your soul and forget all about your bad day! We all have a compilation of songs, beats or artists that will force us to immediately start tapping along to the beat. Instantly bringing a smile to your face as you sing along, maybe even bringing you back to a moment in time when you could relate to Luke Bryant's hit song “Play it Again” lyrics “Oh my god, this is my song I've been listenin' to the radio all night long sittin' 'round waitin' for it to come on and here it is“. For me, one song that brings me back to my innocent, carefree, no worry in the world type of days is Kid Rock'sSweet Home Alabama“. Every time I listen to his upbeat remake, I can't help but rock out, sing along, and reminisce of days when my only worry in the world was having a great time with friends. Knowing that whatever it was that came next would be epic regardless of what it was. Whatever your added ingredient to get some well overdue soul soothing may be, definitely throw a pinch of whatever type of music you consider that classic tune into your ears. It will pull you out of your “adult funk”. Putting your mood back into the “old time rock n' roll” beat of life. I promise, you will smile, want to hear more, and forget all about the bad day that just won't go away!

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If your happy place is getting lost in your favorite writers newest novel (sign up for Amazon Kindle Unlimited (link here:, if you're a reader like I am unlimited access to reading material, is golden), hiking the endless mountain trails, skipping rocks on the lake, or cozying up in your bed and binge watching Netflix – do it! Even those who are very well put together on the outside, have moments on the inside where they just need to take a moment and soothe their soul. If you don't take a moment to get yourself out of the funk that started your bad day, to begin with, it could keep following you into another and even another. Many years ago I heard a quote that I've kept with me ever since. Unfortunately, I can't tell you who the original author is, it's been that long. But, I can say it's a quote that I carry with me every day. Especially when I can tell I'm headed towards the bad day that just won't go away. Here it is:

“Attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching?”

Think of this quote every time you feel yourself starting to have the type of day where nothing seems to be going right. The more we dwell on how wrong everything is, the worse the day seems to get. If you catch yourself early and realize your bad day really isn't as bad as you think, you can squash the repeat cycle. Sometimes I think, maybe it's me, or my attitude, or my soul being overdue for a well needed soothing moment. If I don't take the few minutes it takes to soothe my soul when I feel the bad day coming on, my attitude spills over onto my husband, my kids, even onto my co-workers! Before I know it, I'm asking myself who put my picture on their pin cushion because there's no way I could be the reason why nothing seems to be going how it's supposed to be.

Regardless of what it is you need to do to soothe your soul and change your attitude to one that's worth passing onto your family and friends, it's important to do it and catch your contagiousness before it spreads like the plague and winds up out of control.

A lot of what we experience in life is what we allow ourselves to experience. If you wake up and say “what a horrible day”, that's what you'll experience. If you wake up and say “what a wonderful day this is” then, what a wonderful day it will be…