Social Media Safety Tips for Parents

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This day and age our kids are online so young! It's the way of the world now. Everbody is online, doing something. Our kids (of all ages) are using cell phones, tablets, gaming systems, computers, you name it, where they have access to everything we have access to on the internet. That's a little scary, I know!

The internet is a vast territory. There are so many positive aspects to letting our kids online, but there are also a lot of negatives! Did anyone ever think that our kids weren't safe while being tucked within the walls of our own homes? We could be right there, standing next to them and they may be exposed to some of the most wicked people, places and things this life has. Mind boggling, I know. We spend so much time teaching our kids basic things like the age old “don't talk to strangers” or “I'll never send anyone you don't know to get you” or “kittens, puppies or candy, I don't care what it is, NEVER take it from a stranger”. When I think about it, these warnings are all good warnings, but they are catered to those who grew up during our era. Not our children's era. Although these warnings should still be heeded, there's so much more to our children's era than there ever was to ours!

I think one of the first “safety” lessons we give our kids is around the “strangers” topic. With the way our world is so rapidly changing, new age parents are faced with some of the most difficult tasks ever. Keeping our kids safe from a world we barely know ourselves. Most of us are still learning how to use Social Media ourselves, how can we keep them safe while using something that most often they teach us how to use? Good point, I know! In my house, I think my kids keep me safe from Social Media unknowns more than I keep them safe…

I was recently given the opportunity to review a book called “The Modern Parents Guide to Facebook and Social Media Networks” written by Scott Steinberg and Johner Riehl. I would like to thank them for giving me this opportunity and sponsoring this review. Please know that although I was given a copy of this book at no cost, all opinions are my own and have not been swayed in any way.

First, I'd like to say that my kids are all pre-teen, teenage ages. So, for the most part, I have already been through a lot of the choices and decisions that this book is meant to guide parents through. That's not to say that I'm still not concerned with what my kids are doing on Social Media. Probably even more-so now, as they are at the perfect age for online predators to seek them out. With that, I've always done very well with drilling into my children's minds that they aren't to chat with anyone online that they haven't met directly at school, all the basics. But, sometimes that's not enough to truly protect them from being victimized, unfortunately.

As I progressed through “The Modern Parents Guide to Facebook and Social Media” I realized how much I didn't know about Social Media. I'm a Blogger, okay. I am on Social Media all day, every day. So, you'd think I'd be fairly savvy at knowing all of the safety features of the various platforms that our kids have access to these days… Think again! The Author's go through each and every Social Media platform and identify the various functions that parents have available to them to keep our kids safe while online. Things I didn't even know existed, they explained in full detail.

They go through age appropriate platforms (again, that I didn't even know existed). Where younger children can play games, and interact with other kids their age in a safe manner. In reality, there are tons of ways for kids of all ages to safely interact online and do so in an educational manner! I was astonished by the amount of research this book had put into it. I truly viewed it as a guide to each platform, and the features we can implement to keep our kids safe.

Of course, there's the alternative of refusing to allow our kids to go online period. This day in age, that choice can be nearly impossible. Most schools have our kids connected to the internet. They have email, homework assignments issued online, and the need to complete them online. Not just in Highschool my friends, in elementary school too! So refusing to allow your kids online at home, doesn't mean they won't have access elsewhere. Our knowledge is imperative to their safety. Our kids are being raised in an era of the internet, whether we like it or not. Their futures are all surrounded by the internet. In essence, keeping our kids off the internet is becoming less and less of an option as technology improves and the need for them to be online increases. With this, I found “The Modern Parents Guide to Facebook and Social Media” to make some very valid points that I'd never considered before about allowing our children to be online, while also pointing out TONS of safety features that we can implement to ensure they are doing so in a safe, protected, knowledgeable manner. Unless you're standing over your child's shoulder, literally watching every single thing they do, there's no way to really know what they are doing at that moment.

I do recommend reading this book, especially if you're anything like me and are completely clueless as to all of the safety features available to us to keep our kids safe from the various online dangers they face each and every day. Some without even realizing it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how clueless I was until I read this book!

Electronics, the internet, Social Media, are all the way of the world today. Looking at how prevalent these things are today, can you imagine how intricate things will be when our kids are all grown? It's never wise to use the method I used when my kids grew into their teens….letting them teach me about Social Media. I realize now just how susceptible my kids were to the various dangers online. I never knew how to protect them, and I thought simply having access to their Social Media accounts was being safe. But it's not. Logging into their account days later to see what they've been up to still won't prevent anything from happening.

You can access this book online through Amazon, here is a link for you: you can reserve your copy today, it's scheduled to be released on August 22, 2017. If you're reading this post after that date, then you can go ahead and read it immediately.

At the very least, this book will give you some insight on things to do or implement to keep your kids safe, things that most parents don't even know they can do! I did find this book quite a mind boggling read in the sense that I had no idea I'd been doing things completely backward before I had been given the opportunity to read it!

Considering the price as well, it's definitely worth reading. You'll get your money's worth in information alone!