Lucky Plants! My Top 3 Personal Favorites

Can objects really bring you luck? I believe they can!

Do you have something you consider lucky? Maybe it's a number. For me, I represent the number 7 and 13 with luck. I honestly don't know why, I've just always recognized these numbers as my “lucky” numbers. Or maybe you have a special rock. Something you discovered during a time when you experienced something that changed your life. Now, you hold it near and dear to your heart. Calling it your “lucky” rock.

What about items that have a history of producing luck for others?

Have you ever heard of a Money Tree? Also known as “The Good Luck Tree”

The Money Tree has an old legend attached to its history. First, the Money Tree is a very popular plant to those who practice Feng Shui. They say it creates positive energy and is a token of good fortune. Place the Money Tree in a place that you want it to attract Money (such as at home) and they say it will bring you good fortune.

For those who practice Feng Shui, they say if you find 7 leaves on any one stem of a Money Tree that it is good luck. With 7 being considered a very powerful lucky number.

The gift of Lucky Bamboo 

Lucky Bamboo has a similar meaning. With Asian cultures considering the gift of Lucky Bamboo as a sign of good fortune for well over four-thousand years, this has been considered a meaning of luck for quite some time. Chinese legend also says that if you receive Lucky Bamboo as a gift, it can bring you many blessings including happiness, luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Lucky Bamboo is also a very popular with those who practice Feng Shui.

Orchids aren't just pretty 

Orchids are one of my most favorite flowering plants! They are so intricate, beautiful and fragile. Their colors can be so bright, or pale.

Orchids are also said to bring some good blessings to your life and home! Orchids represent love, are said to attract love and are even have soul soothing abilities!

At the end of the day, if you truly believe that the Money Tree can bless you with money, Lucky Bamboo will bless you with wealth and prosperity and that the Orchid will bless you with love than they will bless you with all of the above. If you're a skeptic, give a try!

Fill your home with these beautiful plants, water them and give them light. They may bless you with the very same luck, money, and love they've been claimed to bless others with for thousands of years…