Lipsense – Glam or Bland

Do you consider yourself to be more of GLAM girl? Or how about a BLAND girl?

I'm FAR from GLAM! I mean, come on! First, I live in Vermont…. second, I work for a Plumber! (**insert laughing emoji with tears here**) explain to me how either of my normal, every day, circumstances would allow me to get away with going glam? LOL…

Just to clarify, when I say glam, I mean like Kim Kardashian glam. Sure, if I lived in Beverly Hills and had a personal make-up artist at my disposal, maybe, just maybe I'd invest hours into going all-out glam-girl. But I don't…

Glam or Bland-Lipsense Review

Don't let the start of this fool you, I'm definitely a true “girl”. I love jewelry, shoes, purses, clothes, makeup, fruity scents and whatever else girls could possibly love. I even have a big-ol' bag chuck full of makeup. I'm painting myself as a bland-girl because, well, there's no other way to put it, really. I am a bland-girl! I wear subtle colors, they go best with my fair tone as far as I'm concerned. I never do anything fancier than mascara when it comes to my eyes (on a special occasion I wear a touch of an earthy toned eyeshadow). A subtle amount of foundation, cheek color and I'm off! And that's IF I even wear makeup! When I skip the entire 3-minute and 12-second makeup routine that I do have in the morning, I just go natural. Which is more often than not.

Above all, if there is ANYTHING I never leave home without, it's lip sss…..stuff (commonly referred to as lip shit in my life! I don't leave home without my lip shit!) Gloss, color, even just chapstick! There's always some form of cosmetic on my lips. When I do wear a color, it usually falls in line with my subtle, not so flashy style. Even when my face is on the “Oh-Nat-ur-al” side, just a hint of color on my lips can accent my look enough so I don't feel as bland as I really can be sometimes.

The only problem with my lip fetish, it almost seems like once it dries, the color is gone! Even when the color is so simply subtle, you can tell it's time to put on another round. For girls like me, who have zero time (or patience most often) to keep up with a perfectly manicured look, something that stays and looks like you just put it on is so important! Which brings me to my newest discovery and something I'm excited to share with you guys!

Lipsense! Have you guys ever heard of this stuff? If so, that makes sense, I'm usually behind a few steps with new discoveries anyhow, that's just how I roll! First, let me quickly thank Redgate Beauty for not only sending me a perfect color for my tone and usual “me” look but my preference too! I was recently given the opportunity to try Lipsense's “Apple Cider” shade and Moisturizing gloss! Please know that any opinions I share on my blog are always 100% my own and have not been influenced in any way shape or form by anyone! I pride myself in providing my honest, personal, opinion to all of you.

In all honesty, I was rather impressed with this product! Again, the Apple Cider shade is absolutely perfect for me, because it's very subtle. I'm a subtle kind of girl (with everything except my voice….I'm loud when I speak, and probably even loud when I write my words too, teehee). When I received my Lipsense I was a bit excited, of course. Although it was after work, the first thing I did was rip open the package and head to the bathroom mirror! Being sure to apply it correctly, I followed the enclosed instructions (yes, imagine that, lip color with instructions, whoddathunkit!) which are there to show you the proper way to apply Lipsense, and help prolong the color. I was quite satisfied with the end result, blowing myself a quick smooch in the mirror before I carried on with the rest of my night.

The next day, I made sure I had plenty of time in my morning routine to apply my 3-min and 12-second makeup routine, and more of my Apple Cider Lipsense! I mean, I had to get the true value by testing it for daily wear, right? Well, I was a bit surprised to see that the color had lasted the entire night! I don't know about you, but when I'm sleeping I'm sure that I'm a hot mess! Who isn't though? That is something I think we ALL have in common! So I was quite impressed that the color had lasted the entire night!

Throughout the day, I kept applying the moisturizing gloss. Which, according to my instructions (yes, bonus, I actually read them so I know this) the moisturizing gloss helps the color last as long as possible. Naturally, I'm reapplying something all day anyhow, so the moisturizer tends to be almost second nature to me.

All in all, I was quite impressed with the results of my newest discovery, Lipsense! There are so many color choices to choose from, I think I may get a bit more brazen and grab another, less bland, more glam color to experiment with next time. Lipsense color survived all of the usual daily things that almost always cause my lip color to fade. So far so good with my trial.

The only thing I'll need to get used too is losing the fruity flavor that my former lip gloss used to give me. My Apple Cider Lipsense didn't taste like Apple Cider, it was a bit bland on the taste scale! Bland just like me! 🙂 But, lip color isn't supposed to “taste” it's supposed to color, so that's alright by me it fulfilled its purpose masterfully!

I'm glad I enjoyed this product, because not only do I have a coupon for my future purchases, I have a coupon to share with you guys! If you would like to receive the coupon code, please enter your email address below and I'll email it right to you! You can use it immediately if you want to! You can get Lipsense here: Get Lipsense! But don't forget to grab your coupon first and get 15% off your first order!

When I use my 15% off coupon, I'll be sure to tell you what color I try and if I succeeded in moving past my bland phase! Sometimes I resist change, so I guess we will see! If you give Lipsense a try, let me know what you thought and what color you selected, I'd love to know if you're GLAM or BLAND 🙂