Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – My 10 Pound Challenge

I'm so excited to announce my recent partnership with the Ideal Protein weight loss program with you! First, let me say that although this challenge is sponsored by Ideal Protein, all opinions and experiences I share with you are always my own! I pride myself in giving you guys honest, trusted and real-life feedback on everything I post on my blog! If you've heard of the Ideal Protein weight loss program and always wondered “if” it worked, this post is for you! If you haven't heard of the program and need to shed some stubborn weight, this post is also for you!

I discovered the Ideal Protein weight loss program in January of 2017. When I finally found them, I had hit my wit's end with not only my weight but dieting. In my twenties, I never really struggled with my weight. I certainly wasn't supermodel thin, but I was at least comfortable in my own skin. Then I hit thirty, and the pounds started to slowly pack on. My pants started to get tighter, eventually, I started buying bigger sizes. I'd try a diet or two here and there, only to walk away frustrated! I always threw my hands up in defeat after seeing zero pounds lost on the scale after weeks of what felt like torture. I hate feeling hungry, weak and irritable. Especially when I wasn't making any headway.

My discouragement turned into fear. I figured If I didn't step on the scale and see the number, it wouldn't be real. Well, my friends, that wasn't an effective method! When I finally discovered the Ideal Protein weight loss program and stepped on the scale, I was MORTIFIED! I weighed in at 192 pounds! Now, I weighed 191 pounds the day I gave birth to my first child! I was a bit disappointed in myself, to say the least. Especially because I weighed as much (well, more) than I did when I gave birth. My weight was at an all-time high, only this time there WASN'T a human being growing inside my body (yikes, I know). Needless to say, I wasted no time jumping on board and getting started with the Ideal Protein weight loss program!

Now, just to give you all a tidbit of information about me, my personality and the type of person (quitter) I am! I'm weak. Very, very, very weak! I'm a ZERO willpower type, and I've never stuck with a single weight loss program in my entire life (and I mean like, EVER).

I realize now that it's because I'm the type of person who NEEDS to see results for my hard work and determination. I mean, anyone who is reading this knows the feeling I'm talking about, right? You follow every single rule, every single step precisely, you get on the scale…..and end up at the McDonald's drive-through wolfing down a burger (in my case, a bacon McDouble, or drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine and chocolate cake). Defeat sucks. Bad. Especially when you're trying SO hard to feel as beautiful and sexy as you felt when you were twenty-five or the day you got married. I always wanted a quick fix. Something that gave me the instant gratification I was looking for, but wouldn't hurt my body at the same time. Impossible, right?

I changed the way I thought at my second Ideal Protein weight loss program appointment. I stepped on the scale, knowing I lost something. My pants were buttoning easier, I had energy, I wasn't feeling hungry, I had followed LITERALLY every single rule and recommendation they gave me! I even recorded every single thing I put in my mouth, and I recorded it honestly.

That was my first ten-pound victory! YES-after ONE week!!!

So I kept going…..

Here is a picture of me on Christmas of 2016:

Before Ideal Protein
I felt like I ruined an otherwise beautiful picture with my son

Here is a picture of me when I stopped the Ideal Protein weight loss program in April of 2017 (keep in mind I started in January, and the difference in my face alone is enough to prove my point)

After Ideal Protein
I felt much more confident and couldn't wait for a do-over on the special photo with my son!

Here is a picture of my weight loss records and measurements for EACH appointment I had at the Ideal Protein weight loss program office in my area (this is my “official” record from Ideal Protein):

Official progress chart
Record of pounds and inches lost

This program worked for me! I was FINALLY getting the results that I personally needed and feeling like I was twenty-five again! Yes, I felt just as beautiful and sexy as I did the day I got married, and my confidence had been boosted higher than ever before!

So, what's the catch?

There isn't one. I discovered the Ideal Protein weight loss program by referral from my primary care doctor. During my annual physical appointment (and her attempt to coax me into stepping on the scale while rebutting my refusal to do so) I opened up about my weight gain insecurity. My Doctor, a medical professional, immediately gave me the website for the closest Ideal Protein location. She boasted about how so many of her patients were having great success, and how she trusted this program because it was overseen by (you guessed it) another medical professional! Of course, I trusted my primary care doctor's recommendation, and I'm so glad I did!

As you follow me on my 10-pound weight loss challenge with the Ideal Protein weight loss program, you'll learn a bit more about how it works. I'm not a medical professional, so I'll have to leave a lot of the specifics about that aspect of the program to you to get these answers directly. Though by the time I hit my goal, I hope to have a resource guide put together for you with ways you can find an Ideal Protein center near you. Each new participant will attend a free orientation. During this orientation, you'll learn everything you need to know about how the Ideal Protein weight loss program works. You'll learn a few very common “dieting” misconceptions, and answers to those too. Amongst much much more valuable information!

I could rave about the Ideal Protein weight loss program as long as you're willing to listen to me! It's an amazing program and it works! You'll get the results you're looking for while learning how your body reacts to certain foods. Most importantly, you'll learn how to lose the stubborn weight ONCE AND FOR ALL-AND KEEP IT OFF!

I'm beyond excited to share the tail end of MY journey with you! I'm eager to show you exactly how easy it is to kick the weight once and for all! I want to send a HUGE thank you to Ideal Protein (specifically Ideal Weight Solutions in Burlington, Vermont) for sponsoring me in this documentation of losing my next (and last) 10 pounds. Which by the way, don't go far because it won't take long to lose! It'll probably take me longer to put my posts together than it will to lose the weight, lol). Once I lose the last ten pounds I have to lose, I'll transition from phase 1 (weight loss) and into phase 4 (weight maintenance).

The Ideal Protein weight loss program IS the antidote to my stubborn body!

Here is my weight from Saturday, September 23rd (2017). My goal is 155-pounds. I started this challenge on Monday, September 25th (2017).

Weigh in at Ideal Protein
10-Pound Weight Loss Challenge Starting Weight

How long do you think it'll take me to hit my goal? Leave your guess in the comments below. The winner will get a special gift (what is undecided at this point, but I'll put something cool together).

Stay tuned for more! I'll share the foods I eat, what a typical day looks like, and of course, I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Here's a link to the “main” website for Ideal Protein: keep in mind, I'm researching how I can create a resource “guide” for you to find the closest location in your area. I hope to have that finished by the time I hit my goal….which, like I said, won't take long at all! So in the meantime, keep watching my progress!

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program