How to Start a Money Making Blog

You're wondering how to start a money making blog…

First, I'm going to tell you a little story about how I started my blog. I'm sharing it with you because prior to June of this year (2017) I didn't know the first thing about how to start a blog. Let alone how to start a Money Making Blog! But, here I am, writing this post for you as my blog is thriving.

I found Heather and Pete (my mentors) almost accidentally one day while surfing Facebook. I saw an eye-catching photo of the whole family standing on a beach, under the “Start a Money Making Blog in 5-Days!” headline. I love to write, I always have. I just so happened to be blindly submitting query after query to many literary agents as I saw this ad pop up in my feed. Of course, I checked it out.

I figured the course is free. If it ends up being a sham at least I didn't lose anything but my time. So be it. I enrolled. After each day, they had interactive question and answers in their closed “How to Start a Money Making Blog” Facebook Group. Once I finally posted my first question, I realized they were real people. Real people who were teaching others how to become successful. Not only with their passion but a HUGE income source for their family! I was a bit impressed when at the end of the 5-day crash course, I had a fully functional Lifestyle Blog! Yes, only one or two posts, but I had something that was mine! Something I knew I would turn into a business. Because that's what Heather and Pete were teaching me to turn it into.

I put my blind query submittal process on hold. Diving head first into my newest passion, Life's Epic Journey. My Lifestyle blog!

Before I fast forward back to today and why I'm telling you this story, let me tell you a little bit about my (and thousands of other's) mentors. First, Heather has been blogging for well over ten years (yes, 10). She's the sweetest lady you will ever meet. She knows the blogging world inside and out (hands down)! Pete, he only recently jumped on the blogging wagon full-time with Heather. Though he's been helping her in many ways through the years. He's definitely a supportive husband, you can tell!

Together, with their blog, they make almost $100,000 per month (yes, PER MONTH, I know)! Since I've been on board, the lowest month I've seen in their earning reports was around $28,000 (still rather impressive for one month, considering most of us struggle to bring that into our bank accounts over the course of an entire year!). They created a couple of different closed Facebook groups, which I've learned are there for us throughout different phases of blogging.

On top of that, they even hired a WordPress expert to moderate a WordPress technical support group for all of us! This person is paid out of Heather and Pete's pockets to be available to help all of US with our very important technical questions. Personally, I think that on its own is worth its weight in gold! Especially for newer bloggers who are struggling to self-teach so many new and exciting (or sometimes frustrating) things.

Blogging Fastrack

Fast forwarding a bit….. So I'm here now, I went live with my Lifestyle blog, Life's Epic Journey, in June of 2017. July 1, 2017, I was in their first ever 30-day Blogging Fast Track Course. This is a premium course (paid). It teaches you over the course of 30-days LITERALLY EVERY single THING you'll EVER need to know to become just as successful of a blogger! Being in their closed Facebook group for a little while, following their advice, guidance, and support, the minute this course came out I did not even hesitate. I bought it and it was the BEST decision I ever made (and I mean EVER).

There are so many bloggers out there selling “courses” that cost a fortune (thankfully this course doesn't cost a fortune, I'm getting to that). For new bloggers, who are struggling to make ends meet as it is, we certainly don't want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a course that tells us things we already know, just in different perspectives. The 30-day blogging fast-track course is so much different!

I learned SO MUCH taking this course, My blog has done a complete 360-degree shift since implementing everything they taught me. I'm finally starting to make a wee-bit of money, my traffic is better than bloggers who have been struggling to gain consistent traffic to their blogs for years, my email is bombarded (like, I can't keep up with the new emails) of opportunities! They tell you exactly what to do, where to go, even what to say! How to use each social media network, what to blog about and so on! Then they guide you, they direct you, they support you, they answer your questions, and are there to help no matter what!

For me, if I'm going to pay for anyone to teach me anything, it's only going to be someone who has been around for a long time and knows the business in all regards! Heather and Pete are literally my blogging angels! I went from knowing that you could blog, but not knowing the first thing about getting started OR making MONEY!

I would urge you to take a look at their course now, as enrollment is only open for 7-days per month! They take their students learning seriously and are more concerned with quality teaching than anything else! The next few months for bloggers is a monumental time. Especially for NEW bloggers. We have the opportunity to take our blogs to new and exciting places, I assure you if you have a blog are STILL asking yourself any of these questions:

  • Where do I go to get a sponsored post deal?
  • How do I get paid for my blog ideas?
  • Is there a way I should set my blog up so it's perfect for money making?
  • Should I reach out to a brand and propose a sponsored opportunity to them?
  • Is blogging even worth my time?
  • What are the best ways to increase my traffic?
  • What does nofollow and dofollow mean?
  • ……. the list goes on and on and on ……

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If you are still asking any questions above or asking yourself any question period, then this course is for you! Here is a direct link to take you to Heather & Pete's 30-Day Blogging Fast Track course: 30-Day Blogging Fast Track

Before you check it out, I have something to tell you:

First, the 30-Day Blogging Fasttrack Course is only open for enrollment for ONE-WEEK per month! They do this in order to control the number of new members each month. In my opinion, this is a genuine effort to ensure their course is contained to a tolerable number of students each month. Depending on when you are reading this post, the enrollment may or may not be open. If you've followed the link above and enrollment is closed, no problem! Because I can tell you when it's open again! Here's how:

Go to: Life's Epic Journey, Blogging for Bloggers and enter your name and email address into the Blogging for Blogger's membership fields. This will get you a personalized email notification each and every month when the 30-Day Blogging Fastrack Course is open for enrollment again. I promise I won't let you miss the next one!

Better yet, most often, Heather and Pete give out discount codes! If they do with the next enrollment, I'll include these discount codes in my email notification to you as well. You won't miss a thing, I promise!


In closing, I have a couple of points to leave you with. First, this course is necessary to put you and your blog in an entirely different league of blogging! It's also the ONLY blogging course you should ever need to purchase! It literally covers EVERYTHING! I've seen tons of other bloggers who sell one course, promising to teach you all the secrets to blogging. Only to have to pay again for an upgrade, or an extension of the course you just finished because they didn't give you all the information they promised you'd get when started. Well, I've taken this course, and believe me when I say this is the ONLY blogging course you'll ever need!

The information will stay readily available for you to reference back to as your blog grows and experience new things.

The support, guidance, and direction will also stay readily available for you to reach out to whenever you need advice! The support never ends, the guidance never ends and the direction also never ends!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. You can visit my website Life's Epic Journey and check out the “Contact Me” page, I have my email and ways to reach me listed there. Check out the 30-Day Blogging Fast Track and get all of the details, including a detailed list of the curriculum, you'll see the information is worth its weight in gold!

If you want to make money as a blogger. You're expecting your blog to go to new and exciting places. You're trying to find a way to bypass ten plus years of trial and error, this course is for you!

Maybe you haven't even started your blog yet, still, this course is for you! It's designed to help everyone and anyone in all stages of blogging! It has been my blogging blessing and I'm so happy that I get to help you find your blogging blessing too!

30-Day Blogging Fast Track

Don't forget to put your name on my Blogging for Blogger's list to get personalized email updates when this course is open for enrollment again!

How do you start a money making blog