How I Bombed My Blog – Life Happens

How I bombed my blog…

You clicked on this post. So, you must be wondering what I'm talking about when I say how I bombed by blog. I knew the title would be an attention grabber. So I went for it! And yes, I'm going to tell you exactly how I bombed by blog. Certainly very unplanned, but it happened. First, let me rewind a bit…

Today is November 2, 2017. I started my lifestyle blog at the tail end of May 2017. So at this point, I've had a blog and been considered a Blogger for roughly six months. Let me tell you this, the last six months has been such a roller coaster! In so many ways, that I think I may even have a bit of whiplash! There was a very good reason why my blog bombed, and I'll get to that. I'm creating this post because it proves a point that I need to make with everyone. I have a few things to tell you about first, and I'll get to exactly how I bombed my blog…

Jumping back to the tail end of May, when I started my blog. I have never blogged, until now. I've always had a passion to write. As my bio states, I'm a natural born storyteller. I'm blessed with the ability to skillfully blend my words in a tactful, humorous and possibly even relatable manner. So, why not start a blog? Right, that's what I thought, too. In my mind, the potential that I could quite possibly even make a little bit of money on the side was a super bonus. With my beyond-fabulous husband's support, I spent a little bit of our money on hosting and started a blog!

Mind you, I had NO IDEA what I was doing! So I did what a lot of new Bloggers do. I followed advice from others. Those who had been successful Bloggers for many years, and actually had stories worth bragging about to tell. Stories they published on their said blog that would motivate, teach and guide newbie's like me (and maybe even you, it depends on whose interest this post has peaked).

A Blog About Life & It's Most Epic Moments

And so I learned! I designed my site, I published posts that were getting peoples attention and I was literally addicted to my blog! Fun fact about me-if you haven't briefed my “about me” page, I'll give you a quick overview. I have a total of four kids, all of which are at varying stages of their teenage years.

I also work 2 (yes, that's TWO) jobs. One, being the full time (40-hours per week deal) and on top of that, the other is a part-time job. My husband, he also works full-time as well. So even without throwing my blog into the picture, I'm a busy chick. I'm the type of chick who forgets the Milk on the way home from work. Even after being reminded fifteen times to get it. But I don't forget to re-pin my newest Pinterest pin because again, I'm literally obsessed with my blog! It was and is my newest my passion, and my progress proved that.

So after months of no laundry, no dishes, no mopping, neglecting the basic “jobs” I had to do at home. Leaving them for my ever-so supportive husband, I was getting someplace with my blog! Thankfully my kids are all at a self-sufficient age, right! I still hadn't made any money, but after about three months I'd hit my newest milestone! I hit about 6,000 average monthly page views!

If you're familiar with blogging, you'll know that 6,000 average page views isn't necessarily anything to brag about. But, it is when you JUST STARTED blogging and began without knowing the first thing about blogging. So yes, I was elated that all of my hard work was paying off. I was getting someplace, I was ELATED! My obsession, my newest addiction, and passion was finally growing! In no time I'd be at the point I wanted to be! I just needed to keep on keeping on with my blog.

How I bombed my blog

Then life happened. This is how I bombed my blog…

I'm going to tell you a very generic story because the “life” happening isn't really my story to tell. So I feel it's not my place to tell you the entire-entire story. But I can tell you tidbits. First, I have a few questions for you…

What defines a good friend? How far would you go for one of your friends? Do you have limits? Boundaries? Red lines? Does your heart ache when one of your best friends (I'm talking bestest of the bestest friends) and her family is going through (hands down) the most heartbreaking situation you've ever seen?

I have a friend who also has a hoard of kids herself, but her kids a much younger than mine. Her youngest is just an infant the oldest being in kindergarten (with a brute yet cute toddler in the middle). Of course, I love her kids. I've watched them all grow, and have evolved into their Auntie. I remember a time when mine were this little, this very same friend was there for me. She helped me through some pretty unfortunate and possibly even self-inflicted situations. She helped me single-mom like a rockstar. So when she needed my help, and her kids needed my help, of course, I was right there!

Long story short, my husband and I had taken in my best friends infant. When I say taken in, he moved in with us temporarily. Even with her support, and help, MAN I TELL YA, it had been YEARS since I was responsible (full-time) for a tiny human-being in diapers! One who couldn't walk, and used various forms of tones and screeches to communicate what he wanted (LOL).

How I bombed my blog

Overnight, my mornings were no longer filled with races to get my newest post published before I left for work. Yet, filled with poopy diapers, chasing the baby who crawled ten notches faster than I thought was even possible! Or seeking ever-so frantically for the FINAL nook that had been stashed in some unknown crevice by said baby. Or, even the time my son helped me find him because I'd lost him! WHAT?! :-0 You're thinking, “you really lost him?” Yes, I did, but in my defense, it was inside my house! He thought it was great that he could crawl under my bed and watch our feet frantically racing back and forth as we panicked because he was nowhere to be found! Finally, that playful screech gave away his hiding spot.

Yes, I learned quickly that babies like to play hide and seek too it seems! He was “lost” for an entire 92 seconds. Although at the time it felt more like 92 hours. He still likes to repeat this little game he likes to play with his Auntie Missy, only I now know where to look when his pace suddenly shifts to mock 90. I don't remember him being that fast before. Maybe it's an adverse effect from the preservatives in his baby food. Maybe it's just me not remembering how much work babies are. He just turned 10-months old, so he's not a helpless baby. He's an infant on the verge of becoming a toddler. His curiosity overrules his size.

How I bombed my blog

Don't underestimate the baby, I learned! He's able to fit in smaller spaces than I thought. Touch things I never imagined would peak his interest. He finds every last speckle of dust that my broom, vacuum, and mop missed on the floor. My, oh, my did I ever forget what it was like to have a baby around! He gave his Aunt Missy and Uncle Jamie a run for our money. Never a dull moment. As we seemed like we were learning what it was like to care for these slimy, gooey little creatures that can captivate our hearts with a simple smile all over again!

So what does any of this have to do with how I bombed my blog? Hold on, I'm getting there…

My husband and I made a choice, together, to take in my dear friends youngest child and care for him like he was our own while they couldn't. We did this to give them an opportunity to work through one of the most difficult circumstances in their lives together. All while knowing their child was safe, cared for, loved and taken care of. We did this so they could still be parents to him and when they resolved their tribulations, he could go home.

Yes, they grabbed this opportunity by the horns. I'm happy to report that the baby is transitioning his way back home as I type. It's been about six weeks, and myself, my husband, my best friend and her husband have all become the best co-parents that I think there could be. It was all for the baby, it was all for my best friend and the sake of her family.

how i bombed my blog

So going back to how I bombed my blog. Going into this I knew my baby (meaning my blog) would suffer to some extent. I was expecting that the amount of time I'd have to devote to my blog would diminish in some way shape and form. But I wasn't expecting it to have to take a complete back seat! Don't get me wrong, I was still able to pay some attention. Just not even nearly half the amount of attention that I had before this adventure.

Just as quickly as life as I knew it seemed to change with our newest resident, my blog changed too. I learned that those who read my posts liked to see my new posts more than my older posts. I learned that they like to see more from me than one post per week. Once upon a time, I could crank out at least 3 to 4 new (quality) posts each week. That changed, instantly. I was lucky if I could get one up by the end of the week.

If you're a Blogger, you know there is so much more to your blog than just publishing new posts. I kept an eye on things, but that was about it. That was all I could do. I had to let my baby rest as I did something genuine for my best friend and her baby that I know she will be forever grateful for. Letting her baby get lost in a system I'll never understand wasn't an option. He'd be safe with me, we all knew that. So I made a sacrifice so she didn't have to make even more sacrifices than she already had.

Not to toot my horn, but I think that makes me an exceptional friend. Some may have walked away and said, that's your problem, not mine. But not me. I couldn't. I wouldn't. Sometimes your friends are more like family. I guess that's what this situation would be.

How I bombed my blog

My point to this post is this: whether you're starting your blog as a hobby or business, you need to give it you're all. You don't need to go into it with as much “UMPH” as I did, per say. But, you do need to devote yourself to it in order to succeed. I love my blog. I honestly, truly, and wholeheartedly do. It's something I created, I started, and will grow because I want it too. Now that my family is at the tail end of our adventure to do the greatest act of kindness that I think one family could set out to do, my passion can be reborn.

I learned early on in my blogging adventure from my mentor(s) that blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. I learned that blogging will take LOTS of attention, LOTS of hard work, LOTS of devotion and LOTS of drive and passion to become successful. Like I said, I knew my blog would suffer to some extent. I didn't drop off the face of blog-land, but I definitely didn't have half as much time to devote as I did when I started. I learned a lot while I was on my “blog-sabbatical” and I'm here to say that I'm back! I'm back with more desire, more drive and even more passion than I had when I started. If that is even possible!

In short, expect great things from me. Because my blog is MY baby. I won't have to change poopy diapers, search for the stealthy nook that seems to have a mind of its own. Almost always vanishing at the wrong time! Real babies are sweet, cute and even when they're slimy and gooey can steal anyone with a hearts heart. I did my greatest good deed and did the ultimate for my best friend. Now it's time to do the ultimate for my baby!

I praise all of the Bloggers out there who have little ones to tend too, all while creating EPIC blog posts! I understand how difficult it is to find the time to make your blog amazing! I'm right here with you, doing what I love, creating words to inspire, guide, teach and even mend broken hearts. Or even to just say thank you. Thank you to those who enjoy seeing my hard work. Thank you for every click, every like, every follow and every comment. You give me the drive to do what I feel like I was born to do….

 and That's to share the most the EPIC moment's from this crazy little JOURNEY that we call LIFE!

p.s. I love you best friend, you know who you are 🙂 

How I bombed my blog