Fidget Spinners | What’s All the Hype?

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Every generation has gone through this feeling: got to have it, everybody has one, it needs to be mine, it's literally the MOST WANTED object of every youth known to mankind! Like a tidal wave that comes roaring into shore, engulfing everyone's attention in what seems like seconds. What starts as a new toy, sometimes even a silly or inexpensive little toy, can turn into the most sought out best seller ever! In a matter of moments, too! Have you ever wondered who the geniuses are that create these toys? Do they expect to see sales skyrocket beyond their wildest dreams? In reality, most kids (or people in general even) like everything that everyone else has. They want it too, simply because all of their friends have one. Everything always seems cooler before you own it yourself, right?

Thinking back, a few fads, or NEED TO HAVE IT items I remember from my childhood were pretty hot commodities, even way back when. Cabbage Patch Kids (link here: for example (matter of fact, I still have every single one I've ever owned). I'm sure my parents probably spent hours battling crowds, waiting in long lines, possibly even paid much more than the manufacturer ever intended to sell them for. Simply because they couldn't keep them on the shelves. I send my sympathy to our parents, back in the 80's the luxury of online shopping didn't exist. Or how about Friendship Bracelets (link here: )? Remember that one? In my day, everyone had at least one, if not ten, of these handcrafted bracelets made especially for them by someone. I remember obsessing about filling my little plastic tote chuck full with every color thread imaginable. Along with plenty of pins, allowing me to spend hour after hour creating bracelet after bracelet for the next person on my gift list.

Since I've grown up and turned into a Mom myself, I continue to see all these fads come and go. Some rise to the tippy top much more aggressively than others. While most fall off just as quickly as they erupted from the depths, bursting to the top of the sales charts. From Furbies (link here: to Pokemon (link here, the Pet Rock (link here even Tickle Me Elmo (link here:! We parents are probably more responsible for their rise and fall then even our kids are! All parents want to get their kids that one special “thing” that they just won't stop talking about. Who doesn't enjoy seeing their child's face light up when they discover that Mom and Dad delivered their most desired treasure ever! Some venture out, like our brave parents, did way back when fiercely battling the crowds and long waits. While others take advantage of our precious gift of technology and order those wildest dreams come true with one simple and painless click. The longest wait for the parents who shop online is waiting for the internet to catch up to your clicks!

Which brings me to my next thought; what's up with the hype around the Fidget Spinners (link here: That's easy, it's the newest fad to consume our children's minds! Everyone else has one, why can't I? I remember when my youngest son first asked me for one, we tried to find one locally; forget that! Although we did find a couple of stores that said they do sell them, they were all sold out. Of course, he wanted one right then. He didn't want to wait for it, so we searched high and low, to no avail attempting to find one for him locally. I ended up resorting to Amazon, where I enrolled in Amazon Prime FREE for the first 30-days and upgraded the shipping to 2nd day automatically, at no charge (see Amazon for more details). Simply for enrolling. So 2-days later, he was one happy little boy. Thankfully, this silly little gadget isn't all too expensive (in most cases at least, I've seen some surprisingly expensive versions online. For the most part, they are quite affordable. With price tags as little as $1.00 on Amazon). Another bonus, they make not a sound! So this is the type of fad I didn't mind influencing by making the purchase. All of my boys have at least one now, and they haven't driven me mad with them yet. They are pretty harmless actually.

I think most know the story behind the Fidget Spinner's (link here: creation. Originally having been created for those who have ADD/ADHD (or other diagnoses) to use as a tool in an attempt to calm their ‘fidget' or train their “focus”. Being the Mom of a child with ADD/ADHD, this was part of the reason I supported this fad. I was willing to give it a try. Plus, he really wanted one simply because everyone else had one too. I will say that this inexpensive, harmless, want-it, need-it, got-to-have-it toy did help my son's fidgetiness. Especially in situations where he really had to focus on keeping his mind trained on the task at hand, and his body still. I honestly can't explain why, or how it works. I suppose we'd have to ask the creator or a medical professional for these types of specifics. But, it works. I've seen it first hand. So, yes, he now has more than the one he originally started with. Every single one of his friends do as well. Whether they're using it to calm their fidgeting mind, body or soul. Or, using it because it's the newest toy that everyone else has.

Just like they all do, I'm sure this fad will fade, as another, more exciting one is born!

I've included links above where you can order a Fidget Spinner (link here:, you can enroll in Amazon Prime free 30-day trial when you view all of the fad's of the past and present I've given you links for above.