Kong Skull Island – Family Movie Night

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Picture this:

Your entire family quietly relaxing together on your couch with blankets in tow. A bowl of popcorn, the lights dimmed, eager to watch a highly anticipated new release together!

If there's anything my entire family loves to do together on a lazy day or at the end of a long day, it's family movie night! We generally don't have a problem agreeing on a movie either, even despite our rather large family. We all tend to have the same taste and go for a little of everything.

My youngest son, Bryce, has always been a huge King Kong fan! When the last “King Kong” remake came out back in 2005, Bryce was barely two years old. I remember fast forwarding through the first hour to hour and a half to get past the boring and/or scary parts for him. Then he would be mesmerized by King Kong on the big screen! Maybe a little romantic at heart, as the way Kong protected his beloved human “Ann” along with her fierce draw to rescue Kong from the wretched humans to ultimately bring him back to his home always got to him; even at the ripe age of just two years old!

The first time we saw the preview for “Kong, Skull Island” Bryce, now 13, was over the moon excited for its release! Every time it played (which was often) he rambled about he couldn't wait to see it, and even asked if I remembered how much he loved the first remake in 2005 (yes, I can't believe he remembered it myself!).

We never made it the theater to see it, so the minute it was available to rent, Bryce was all over it! Needless to say our family movie night choice this week was “Kong, Skull Island”. Now, I'll try my hardest to not divulge any spoilers. But, for those of you haven't seen it, there may be a minor spoiler or two to follow. Nothing specific, but I do talk about the movie in general in this post. Also, I wouldn't ever suggest clicking away from my posts! However, in this one particular instance (one and only) I will suggest doing so if you haven't watched “Kong, Skull Island” and would rather not encounter any spoilers!! It's really not anymore in depth than the previews, but everyone's opinion on spoilers is different. So I wanted to give that warning!

First, let me say that Hollywood has a tendency of remaking some of the same movies over and over again. Which I completely understand! By all means, if it kills it at the box office once chances are it will again if remade as our technology improves. Like “Spiderman” vs “The Amazing Spiderman” for example, all installments under each title are great, most likely attracting the same viewers. I'll admit it, I've watched them all (having three sons may have contributed to this, but yes they're all good).

Which brings me to this, had my son not have been so adamant that we watch “Kong, Skull Island” I probably wouldn't have. I did enjoy the 2005 version, but it had quite a long and slow start to get to the exciting parts. To our delight, the newest remake must've learned from the first round because “Kong, Skull Island” didn't waste any time getting to the excitement! The very first scene starts off on Skull Island, where Kong makes his purposely, dramatic premiere. Setting the precedent that he's the big, bad giant ape that we all know he never is.

A lot of the same concepts applied in this version. The crazy, unchartered territory of the island where things exist that shouldn't. Everything from dynosauric type spiders to humans of an almost different species. Similar, yet nothing like the 2005 remake (I've never seen the original, so, unfortunately, I'm not able to compare to that one). Of course, it had the villains and the saviors. All of the typical and perfect elements to create another box office hit!

I'm really trying to keep this “mini-review” of our Family movie night choice this week general so that I don't let anything out of the bag that I shouldn't and ruin a potentially good flick for someone else. But I will say that I do think Hollywood did a great job on this remake! Similar enough to know it's the familiar “Kong” story line, yet they created an entirely new and highly anticipated movie that resembles its own success!

If you were at all turned off by this remake because of how slow the 2005 remake was, don't be! This honestly was a great movie that I would give a 9 out 10 stars! Definitely a great Family movie night idea if your kids are older, or won't be scared by the dynosauric spiders or the highly unlikely critters that terrorize Skull Island!

You can get get a copy of “Kong, Skull Island” right here at Amazon: http://amzn.to/2v3i0kA you can also get all of the toys, apparel, and posters through this link if you have a little boy that loves “Kong” as much mine did (and still does).

So, that's my review from our most recent Family movie night! One more quick note to add, I'm the type who always (without fail) falls asleep while watching movies! I'm happy to report I didn't doze off during this one. I made it through the entire movie if that tells you how good I thought it was. Definitely, check it out if you've been contemplating it. It's worth your time!