Easy Meatball Sub Recipe – Meal Idea’s for Busy Moms

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe – Meal Idea's for Busy Moms

This Easy Meatball Sub Recipe will solve your dinner problems for at least tonight! I know all about being a super busy Mom, guys! Trust me! I also understand how chaotic things can get on weeknights for you. Here's a glimpse at a typical weeknight at my house:

I walk in the door sometime after six p.m, tired, and even cranky from my long day, and the first thing my family says is “WHAT'S FOR DINNER, MOM?” I look at them like they are all alien robots because I haven't even considered dinner yet! I mean, it's only six, let me get out of my work clothes and into something comfortable first, right?

Then, by the time I finally start cooking dinner, it's now past seven p.m and we are more than likely not going to take our first bite until almost eight! Ugh, the vicious weeknight cycle of families with working parents.

Does anyone else experience this? The habitually late dinner type of family? There are families out there that gather around the dinner table at 5:30 sharp each and every night. My family is most certainly not one of those families! We are lucky to eat by 8:00! Half the time, I'm just leaving work at 5:30!

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

That is unless I've planned a super easy to prepare meal, and I walk in the door after a long day 100% ready to give an immediate answer to the all famous “WHAT'S FOR DINNER, MOM?” that get's thrown out multiple times the minute I walk in the door.

If you're still reading this, as I'm sure you can gather I'm a super busy lady. Yes. I am. But, I also still like to give my family good meals. Taking the easy way out doesn't need to be grilled cheese and tomato soup all the time. Sometimes, we can take the easy way out, and still put food on our families plates that looks and tastes like it took us ALL DAY to prepare! Which is why I'm about to share this super Easy Meatball Sub Recipe with you!

Before I get to that, when you think of a Meatball Sub, I bet you think of the picture perfect Meatball Sub you see in a local restaurant's menu, right? One that is smothered in cheese, tasty sauce and is compliment-worthy. Well, here's a way to make the same exact thing in the comfort of your own home! The best part, prep is under 30-minutes! That's my kind of weeknight meal idea right there!

Okay, okay! I'll stop my rambling and share this Easy Meatball sub recipe with you right now…

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe – Meal Idea's for Busy Moms:

Here's what you'll need:

1 – Package of sub rolls (I get a package of 6)

1 – Package of Frozen Italian Meatballs (I use pre-made, Italian are the best because of the taste)

1 – Jar of your favorite Pasta sauce, in a 3 or 4 cheese blend (you can use Ragu, Prego, your favorite store brand, it doesn't matter)

2 (plus) Cups of Shredded Cheddar Cheese

2 (plus) Cups of Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Before I get to the directions, let me just say, don't have any shame in your Mom game! I don't! Sure, I can make homemade meatballs and a banging homemade Pasta sauce. BUT … on weeknights, I can't. These homemade preferences are reserved for the weekends when I have all the time in the world to devote to my kitchen.

On weeknights, we can all go for the convenience of our most trusted brands and grab that jar of pasta sauce off your local grocer's shelf. It was created for Mom's who don't have time. Like you and me! Next time you have a free weekend and have time to pre-make these things, go ahead and freeze them. Just remember to pull them out of the freezer before you leave for work. If you're like me, you'll forget and grab the jar of Prego or Ragu on your way home 🙂 and you won't feel guilty about it either!


Place your Italian frozen meatballs in a saucepan, and cover with your preferred jar of 3 or 4 cheese blend pasta sauce. Heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally. Your goal is to thaw the meatballs in the sauce as it heats, and the meatballs are heated through about 8 to 10 minutes

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

While meatballs are heating in your sauce choice, pre-heat your oven to 350-degrees. Slice your sub rolls in half the long way, but do not slice through. Leave the bottom connected to create a “boat” almost. Line your sliced sub rolls on a baking sheet. This recipe will yield about 4 to 6 Meatball subs.

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

Because my family loves all cheesy foods, I place a think layer of cheddar cheese in the sliced sub rolls, just covering the bottom.

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

When your meatball and sauce mixture is warm, remove from the stove. Add a thin layer of sauce on top of the cheddar cheese lined bottom of the sub roll. Then, fill your sliced sub rolls with 4-6 meatballs, depending on your preference. For this recipe, I used normal sized meatballs. You can get mini meatballs, and fill with as many as you prefer. Coat the meatballs with a thin layer of sauce.

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

Cover your meatballs with mozzarella cheese, and a dash of salt and pepper

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

Bake in preheated oven for 8 – 14 minutes, or until cheese is melted and sub rolls are barely crispy on the outside.

Allow to cool for at least 5-minutes before serving as filling will be hot

Easy Meatball Sub Recipe

VOILA! Your family as a tasty, super EASY Meatball Sub dinner that looks and tastes like it took you all day to make!

This recipe is great to use up leftover pasta sauce after your spaghetti night, or great for any time of the week meal that you can't spend much time preparing. Save any leftover meatball subs, they are great when re-heated too!

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Easy Meatball Sub Recipe