Our Journey to the Top! Discovering Moss Glen’s Falls

Have you ever seen a natural waterfall up close and personal? If not, I would recommend adding it to your top ten list of experiences!

After having been plagued with nothing but mediocre temperatures and downpour after downpour throughout the historically scorching month of July, once the weather finally broke we were itching for an adventure! Of course, we didn't really care where we went, as long as where it was had a body of water. The temperature was soaring, and summer had finally come!

I piled my full family into my compact sports utility vehicle, and we were off! To discover a waterfall! One that we had only seen in photos and photos can only give you so much. We wanted to experience it.

The ride itself was slightly over an hour, not too long a trip. We oohed and awed over the beauty of the backdrop that was naturally guiding us to our destination. Vermont, putting her true form on display for both her residents and travelers alike.

Alas! We finally arrived, one little sign in a rather cramped parking lot proved we'd made it. I was quite surprised to see we were only one of two local families that had made their way out to this little cranny in the deepest corner of Stowe. With probably fifteen different families headed for the very same tiny opening at the woods edge. I observed license plates from New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New York even Rhode Island! I was slightly embarrassed to display the bright green “State of Vermont” license plate, and not know which path to take. How could I have lived here my entire life and never experienced this adventure?

We took our time walking down the slim nature trail. The brook leading us to the beauty of the fall we were in search of. Kids ran excitedly, both mine and others, up and down the trail. “I can hear it! It's up here! We are almost there!” as we all heard the “RUSH” that undoubtedly wasn't the mediocre brook slowly inching by us as we walked.

At the base of the mountain's edge, we could barely hear the person in front of us. With the fall hiding behind the mountain acting as her natural curtain. Just waiting for an encore! Screaming “Climb me if you dare”. Old and young, big and small, the natural steps made it a bit easier to make it to the top. Where the rush was luring us all in.

Finally! There she was! The beauty of Moss Glen Falls!! Right in front of us, we'd made it!

The journey there had been exciting on its own, each step we took the roar of the falls growing louder and louder. As the force of the falls splashed against the rocks below, a cool breeze came whizzing by us. Reminding us of her power and brute force. The water was brisk and cold, coming straight off the mountain it doesn't get any crisper than this! Still, we all found a safe swimming hole to cool off in. Others being braver than some, losing their breath as the cold mountain water shocked their senses.

Soon, it was time leave the beauty of the fall behind, her rush getting further and further away. We all raved about her breathtaking beauty to those just starting the trek to discover her and experience her natural power.

I have to say, if you're ever up this way, make your way to Moss Glen's Fall in Stowe, Vermont! No admission, no bathrooms. No souvenirs or sales. Just the natural, unmanicured beauty of a Waterfall in her original form. A true and pure family bonding adventure!