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You've polished your words, your format is perfect. You've double checked, edited, triple checked and edited again. After hours and hours, maybe even days, your blog's newest masterpiece is FINALLY ready to share with the world! You're ready to hit “publish”, but WAIT! You spot a mistake! How could you have missed that?

Most Bloggers Didn't Study English in College

So what's a blogger to do when you keep noticing these silly mistakes? One's that you shouldn't be missing? I'll tell you what I use, Grammarly This isn't just any old spell checker guys! By checking your grammar, punctuation, use of words AND spell checks, this program is the best life saver!

When I first started my blog, I didn't have Grammarly. Of course, the moment I heard about Grammarly I had to try it. When I did, I went back to my very first posts just to see how I did. I was SHOCKED to see how many errors I had! I mean, I'd spent hours (literally, hours) proofing, editing, and triple checking to make sure my debut posts were PERFECT… to my surprise, they were atrocious! Of course, I immediately used Grammarly to clean up all of my prior posts and vowed to never write without Grammarly again! It's that useful!

Grammarly offers a free addition to Chrome, that's right, it doesn't cost a penny to get started! The best part, Grammarly works whether you're writing your newest blog post, sending an email or posting on social media, Grammarly has got your back! My writing has never been as manicured as it is now that I use Grammarly. You can go directly to their website by clicking the word Grammarly any place above. It's free, it's amazing, and I promise you'll never want to write without it once you try it! Of course, you can upgrade to the paid version to unlock even more protection!

Most Bloggers aren't Photo Experts Either!

If you knew how many trades you'd become an expert in over a very short period of time, would you still have started your blog? I know I would have been a little uneasy with creating eye catching photos. I'm far from a photographer! Thankfully I found a very easy to use program that allows me to create breathtaking photos! I don't know about you, but I have NEVER been anything close to a photographer!

With PicMonkey I was able to turn this:

Into this:

HUGE difference, I know! Now you see why I love PicMonkey! The edited photo generated almost 100 likes on Instagram in a matter of minutes after I posted it! Can you imagine how many likes the original photo would have gotten? Not many I'm sure!

You can go straight to PicMonkey by clicking anywhere that says PicMonkey I included a clickable link to bring you directly to their site. The best part, they also have a FREE version you can sign up for to give a try without spending money. Once you fall in love with it like I did, you can upgrade to a paid version and get access to all of their features.

Every Blogger blogs for different reasons, but if there's anything I've learned by networking with other Bloggers, it's that we all need a little help with certain parts of our passion! Your content should be second to none, and it can't be without the right tools to help you get the “WOW” you're aiming for!

Stay tuned for more of my “Blogging for Bloggers” posts, I'll be sharing all of the very best plugins and tools that I use to create eye catching, manicured and amazing content for my readers. Afterall, Bloggers need to stick together, right?