Common Parental Sayings – Defined

We all remember the answerless answers our parents used to give us that made absolutely zero sense to us at the time! We swore up and down that we would never say these things to our kids, ever! But here we are, parents who eventually discover that we are so much more like our own parents than we ever intended to be!

Why is that? I'll tell you why right here! Because we FINALLY understand exactly why our parents said the once ridiculous things they said to us! Not only do we understand, but we find ourselves repeating their silly catch phrases time and time again (even when it slips out unintentionally). We do this because not only does it seem like the only suitable response at the time, but we FINALLY know why they said the same annoying things to us over and over (and what they meant).

Here we are repeating our parents once senseless words (yes, verbatim) to our own kids, whether we said we would or wouldn't. Here's a look a the most common “parental” sayings that we've all heard at one point or another while growing up. We find ourselves using them on our own kids now that we're parents ourselves!

Top Parental Sayings Defined:

“Because I Said So…”

How many times did you hear this when you were growing up? I did, countless times! Even better, I've said it to my own kids so many times I feel like I am my Mother when I say it! Now that I'm a parent, I would define the most common “Because I Said So” like this:

You have no reasonable explanation that makes sense. So “Because I said so” is the only four words that make sense to you at that moment. In reality, there is no logical reason why you said no to begin with. Considering you've been put on the spot by your child, you can't think of a logical answer without lying to your desperate child who is pleading a VERY good case! So instead, you use the all too familiar “BECAUSE I SAID SO” after hearing the twentieth “BUT WHY NOT!” from your child.

“Maybe, We'll See…”

This one always got to me! Not having a straight answer killed me inside, it drove me mad! Now that I'm a parent I find myself using this line more often than I probably should. Here's my definition now that I'm a parent:

It's an easy out to pray said child simply forgets about it without having to crush their heart by simply coming out just saying no. In most cases, this is used when you really don't want to, and honestly, don't know if you will ever agree to it. When you say it you're secretly hoping they will just let it go and not ask again. When they don't ask again, you realize it worked and use it again. If they do ask again, it's time for the next one…

“I'll think about it…”

This one can be closely ranked with number two on the list or used in combination with number two! Maybe I was just an inquisitive child or I had high expectations! I'm not sure, but I heard this one a lot too. I use this one on my kids from time to time and have learned it generally means this:

It's just another tactic to end the begging and most often used when you really do need to think about it. In the same breath, if they forget about it between your thinking about it and tomorrow it'll be fine. Just in case they don't, you really will think about it. Only you'll have had time to think of a logical, straight up answer (besides coming out and saying no) if they ask again.

There are tons of silly sayings that parents throw at their kids from time to time simply to cure their relentless questioning. No matter how much it doesn't make sense to them now, they will end up using most all of them themselves once they're grown and become parents.

If you have any other common phrases that your parents said to you growing up, leave them in the comments below. Especially if you're now using them on your own kids!

Sometimes it's easier to give kids a simple answer, without an actual answer. Even if it does frustrate them! One day they'll wake up and think “Oh, jeesh! That's what they meant!” and they'll tuck the saying into the back of their minds only to pull out and use on their own kids one day!