Back to School – Closet Chaos, Battle of the Sports Pants

I remember when my kids were younger back to school shopping was almost too easy!

Style, color, brand none of it really mattered. Unless we are talking about my daughter's former love of Dora or my Son's Transformers fetish. They both outgrew these loves, unfortunately. Happiness was no longer defined by a Dora backpack or Transformers lunch box. Oh, no, no. School shopping (or shopping period, really) turned into my most dreaded event as my children grew into their own (picky) little humans!

I remember a time when I loved shopping for my kids. When they were little they had no choice but to wear anything and everything that I thought was cute (envision me emphasizing the “I” in that statement). Life was so much simpler when Mom's style WAS the IN style!

I don't quite remember exactly when the shift in what was suitable to wear (to school or period) happened exactly. I think it was different for both Kaya and Bryce. My style remained tolerable a bit longer for Bryce than it did Kaya. You know how girls are, they get picky a lot quicker than boys do. At this point in my life, Kaya has since graduated and is off on her own. So I'm left with my youngest, Bryce. He's certainly developed his own unique style over the last couple of years that I just don't understand.

He will wear nothing but sports pants! He has countless pairs of nice jeans, but he won't wear a SINGLE PAIR! Some are even brand new, tags and all! Once he transitioned into his own, personalized style, everything about his taste shifted. Suddenly his usual chuck full dresser and closet had very minimal feasible options for him to chose from.

I'm not looking forward to school shopping with Bryce this year. Mainly because over the last couple of years, as he boycotted jeans, and swore to only ever wear sports pants again, he's acquired almost every single option when it comes to style or brand. Now, when I say sports pants I'm referring to something like Addidas pants, or what I would call wind pants but they aren't truly wind pants. I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about (or at least I hope you do). The only positive will be is we will have more options this year because he has out grown most all of his clothes over the course of the last year. Lucky me!

I can see it now, Bryce and I, the lovely Mother and Son duo. Having a heated disagreement in the middle of the store that goes something like this:

“Mom, I have those”

“Bryce, you have them all. We need to pick something!”

“Mom, if we don't find different ones I'm not going to school”

I give him my evil Mom look, you know the one that says “you most certainly will” without actually speaking the words, and he rolls his eyes at me. He's almost 14, I'm sure those of you who have teens or pre-teens know EXACTLY what attitude it is I'm referring too. It drives me mad. But then I set out on this excursion to find just one pair he doesn't already have, please just one (me, praying internally that just one pair he doesn't have exists someplace in this store). Please realize that it's not like he's spoiled rotten and has a killer wardrobe either, that's not it at all! They only make these sports pants in so many different styles! It's not very hard to own every style, in every color and brand in a short period of time. Trust me!

In years past I've failed miserably in my attempt to find him that one pair that is different enough for him to define as “new”. This year, with his insane growth spurts, he will have a few options because as I said, he's grown like a little tumble weed rolling in the wind! I keep praying that this quirky little style preference he has will soon pass. But now that he's bridging 14, I'm not as hopeful as I once was. He is a sports lover, so I guess I can see why he dresses for school ready to shoot hoops or play a soccer match at the drop of a dime. I guess it's the same concept as females wearing flats with dresses. Gotta be prepared, right?

So here's the point of this post, and reflecting on the chaotic closet our kids create for us as they grow and develop their own tastes. How many parents out there are experiencing the same problem that I am? I mean, girls wardrobe battles usually tend to be much different than boys. In the sense that there are TOO MANY options and choices! Kaya, I remember having to set a budget so she knew when it was time to stop. Let me tell you, she asked for how much she had left in her budget after each and every purchase too! She didn't waste a PENNY in her back to school budget, EVER! Yet boys, I'm learning it's not necessarily quality or quantity! It's about finding WHAT they want, and I mean EXACTLY what they want! Bryce could care less if he has a $5.00 or $500.00 budget. As long as he finds exactly what he's looking for (which can be a clue game in its own!)

How many of you out there are experiencing this with your adolescent or pre teen boys? Please tell me he will grow out of this “sports pants only” wardrobe request and start wearing his jeans again?! I used to tell myself he will eventually, but as time passes I'm losing hope!

Comment below if you've experienced this battle, or if you have a completely different battle but your frustration resembles that of my “sports pants closet chaos” that my son has created!