Back to School-A Mom’s Top 5 Most Dreaded Moments

Okay, I know what you're thinking!

What in the world could make Moms (or Dads) cringe when it's Back to School time? Well, besides the all too obvious small fortune we spend on supplies, clothes, shoes and the rest of the coolest accessories our kids MUST have for their first day.

Trust me, I do join in everyone else's victory dance, and also love ringing in Back to School season with a happy send-off! BUT – there are plenty of things about this very looked forward to ritual that makes me cringe (besides my love hate relationship with my bank account!)

Here's a List of My Top 5 Most Dreaded Back to School moments:

# 1: Let's face it, especially when you have teens or pre-teens (which I do) summer vacation brings zero sleeping structure! They stay up all night (seriously, it's literally ALL NIGHT, if they even sleep at all). When they finally do sleep, they sleep as long as they want throughout the day. However long it is, it's never long enough because the Zombie by day and thrill seeker by night multiple personality disorder of my kid's summer selves makes getting them to bed at a reasonable hour on the first school night of the year the BIGGEST challenge I've ever faced as a Mom! I can bribe, threaten, shut off the breaker to every electronic device's charging outlet in my home and they STILL find something to do that keeps them up until all hours of the night. Which brings me to…

#2: The battle to get up in the morning! Now, this does get a little bit easier as the school year progresses, but there isn't another battle I've faced that I need to go into more prepared for! If I don't, I'll lose my patience after ripping the blankets off my sleeping beauty for the tenth time with more frustration than I ever thought I could have! When sleeping-beauty (who has suddenly shifted back into the Zombie mode) finally slowly drags their jelly-like body down to the kitchen, a slight victory creeps over me. At least until they finally open their eyes enough to take just one bite of their cereal (yes, just one), then the road rage begins before I even step out the door!

#3: Getting ready for school (first, fifth or one-hundredth day) at my house is like watching Kevin's family on any installment of “Home Alone“. You know the part, as they all rush around the house trying to get out the door and catch their flight? Yep. That's my house. A hoard of crazy running around (yes, in fast forward just like the movie) racing for toothbrushes, socks, backpacks and anything else that grew legs and walked away over night. The only difference is the waiting chariot isn't the cab or travel company, it's Me! Relentlessly beeping my horn in the driveway swearing that it'll be the LAST time I say “LET'S GO! I'M LEAVING!” Even still, they move like molasses. Once they finally get their bums into the car, someone almost always forgets something. In which case, I decide it'll be quicker to go get it myself, then wait very impatiently for the molasses moving zombie children to find it on their own! Chances are it's in plain sight anyhow.

#4: By the time the transmission gets put in reverse, I'm already in real road rage mode-and I haven't even left the driveway! I feel like I belong in the newest installment of the “Fast & The Furious“! It's literally a race to get there on time! At this point, I'm swearing they will be taking the bus tomorrow, as I  feel like I'm sliding sideways up to the “parent drop off point” at school. As I do, I envision kicking them out the door as their eagerness to get out of the car doesn't get any better than their eagerness to get into the car was!

#5: I've made it through the day, despite being late for work (AGAIN). While on my peaceful drive home I think the molasses, zombie children will all be sleeping early tonight! I know I would be after having only gotten two hours of sleep the night before. Yet, I'm fairly surprised when night falls that their inner night owl is very much alive once again, and they still haven't done their homework!

Then it starts all over again! Oy!

Although it's always nice to get the kids back to school, summer vacation mornings are so much more relaxing than the latter. No matter how soon I start trying to prep them for the early school mornings, it never works. They resist my plot with every ounce of rebellion they have buried inside their molasses, zombie souls. Mornings for the next 10 months will soon turn into a war zone in my house.

So yes, I am enjoying the last couple of weeks of my silent, smooth sailing and easy paced mornings!