About Me

Hi, everyone! I wanted to tell you all a wee bit about me, the girl behind the words here at Life's Epic Journey. My Journey has been Epic in so many ways, not all candy canes and chocolate Epic, either. Some Epic moments took a while for me to realize that they were destined to be Epic!

I am the mother to 4 wonderful children (well, more young adults at this point than children), half of which I spent the better part of their younger years raising solo. The other half were proclaimed as mine when I met my fabulous, I knew you were out there someplace, husband. The one that finally taught me what it was like to truly share your life someone.

I've been a mom for more than half my life, as I became a mom before I was even out of high school. I've been through what felt like a divorce before I'd ever been married, and realize now that had reality T.V. been around in my twenty something's, I would've been the star as life just couldn't give me a break for a while. I came out of it all alright, and the biggest part of starting this blog is to share my experiences and a bit of my advice with others.

Now my 4-wonderful children are at varying stages of the Teenage years, my husband and I are still working tirelessly to reach for the stars and create the life we ‘dream' of. Even now, that most of the drama and turmoil of the twenty-somethings is long gone, there's an entirely different battle we face each and every day as we (very quickly) approach our fabulous 40's. Each decade of life brings new challenges and new moments that we can only call Epic!

I love to write, I feel like I was born to write, so here I am writing with and for you! I may not write about anything that has to do with my life one day and write all about my life the next. I may post a mini-rant because I had a frustrating day and need to get it off my chest in a humorous, and adult-ish manner, or maybe I want to share with you the real struggles of living in this tiny little, green and most often confused state we live in (VT). For, I could care less what I'm writing about, as long as I'm writing! I even wrote a novel (unpublished) that maybe one day I will share with you.

I have a huge heart, a caring soul, an open mind, an opinionated personality and I'm the kind of friend all of my friends are grateful to have. I think I've grown into a pretty decent Mom too. I'm sure I will elaborate on each and every experience and character I have through this Epic blogging Journey, so sit back, enjoy the ride, and I hope you enjoy my perspective on this Epic little Journey we call Life!

Thank you 🙂