A Fair-Toned Tale of my Battle with the Sun!

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Mother Nature has ways of giving us an all-inclusive preview of what follows spring. Clear skies, sunshine, and warmth. Spring dawns the start of summertime cookouts, bonfires at dusk, lazy pool days, beach parties and bountiful flower and vegetable gardens! You name it, all the good weather fun is finally on the horizon. The first epic, sun shining day of the year after winter has finally faded brings so many people out of their doors to enjoy the warmth of the sun on their skin. I can speak for most everyone in the northeastern corner of the United States, tucked directly beneath Canada; after more than half a year of wearing heavy boots, warm scarves, hats, and gloves. We are celebrating the commencement of summer, and the end of shoveling ourselves out of feet, feet and even more feet of snow! We all run outside, carefree, on the very first tang-top worthy day of the summertime season, carefree with not a worry in the world. The housework can wait, laundry won't walk away and responsibility doesn't matter. After surviving Vermont's fifty shades of white type of tumultuous winter, I'll take whatever warmer weather the earth has to give me; no complaints about how hot it is from me! I'm in my element when I'm relaxing by a body of water, I'll jump in a cool off before I complain of being too hot!

What if you're like me, a fair toned person who tends to have a love-hate relationship with the sun? I love the sun, summer, warmth, the beautiful, longer days that the summer brings. But, the sun, she certainly reminds me time and time again that she just doesn't like me! Not one bit it seems. My son understands my true-life struggle is real, the poor boy inherited his Mom's fair skin, and of course her long fought battle with the sun. The sun and I are similar to that of a lit match and piece of paper-POOF! When we meet, one of us goes up in flames, and it's usually me! Although I love her, the sun is a long time, arch enemy of mine! Have you ever heard of the old saying, “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”? This is how I look at my relationship with the sun. I won't let her evident hatred for me keep me inside, in the air-conditioning. I will go outside and enjoy her relentless company! I will prevail and win the tit-for-tat battle, my enemy, the sun started with me many years ago.

As with any battle, you go into it prepared, of course! I never leave home without my essentials. Like a sword on a knights hip, I'm always armed with sunblock! Lots of it, re-apply, re-apply and re-apply. Blocking the force of her U.V. rays, reflecting them the minute they hit my pale white skin. My sun hat acts as my helmet, keeping my head and face safe from her not so sweet kiss on my ears and cheeks. If I need a break from our battle, I retreat to the shade either underneath the thick trees or an umbrella. Anyone else who also has battled the same battle as I have with the sun knows she doesn't play fair. Always bring plenty of ice-cold water to keep yourself well hydrated, and stay part of the battle for even longer than she ever thought you'd ever survive her wrath.

Unfortunately, her brute force isn't always avoidable. Even despite my meticulous attempts at preparedness, sometimes she stings my once milky white skin, leaving a bright red, sunburned tone behind instead. Because I know sometimes my battle will be fruitless, I always keep a bottle of Aloe Vera gel waiting for me when I get back inside. I've learned over time that Aloe Vera becomes just as essential as sun block does when I've lost my battle with the sun. Aloe keeps me comfortable, as my skin screams in agony from even the slightest touch.

Even if my battered and burned skin is still too burned the next day, I put on my suit of armor; nothing too heavy, just a thin, summer cover-up to keep my shoulders, back and sore skin covered from further bitterness. I won't back down, despite my endless battle and bickering match with the sunshine, I'm still in love with her endless beauty and the summertime fun she creates.

So, if your a fair complected person like I am, don't let the bitterness of the sunshine's fury defeat you! Get out, enjoy the beauty and all that summer has to offer. Venture outside prepared to defeat the fury of the sun and protect your sunburned skin. If you have to prepare for your battle like I do, I made it easy for you. You can get everything you need for these sunny, summertime days in the links I've posted throughout. Don't leave home without your gear!

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