Easy Homemade Apple Pie Recipe

Easy Homemade Apple Pie Recipe! For busy Mom's who love to bake When the leaves start to change, so won't the aromas coming from my kitchen! After years of trial, error, failure, and success I've perfected my homemade Apple Pie recipe. A huge part of what makes an Apple Pie amazing is the type of Apple

Perfect Pie Crust Recipe – Buttery Flaky Yum!

PERFECT Pie Crust Recipe – Buttery, Flaky, YUM! Have you been looking for a perfect pie crust recipe, one that you can use with everything pie? Look no more, I have the answer right here for you! When the season finally changes over to fall and it's cool enough to turn the oven on I

Week 1 Results – Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

Week 1 Results – Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Yes! Week 1 results are in and I'm SO EXCITED to share them with you! Technically week 1 results aren't even a full week. By full, I mean a complete 7-day week. Each day matters, right? Yes, each day does matter with any weight loss program.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program – My 10 Pound Challenge

I'm so excited to announce my recent partnership with the Ideal Protein weight loss program with you! First, let me say that although this challenge is sponsored by Ideal Protein, all opinions and experiences I share with you are always my own! I pride myself in giving you guys honest, trusted and real-life feedback on

English Muffin Pizza Recipe – Simple Weeknight Meal Ideas

***this post may contain Affiliate links, please see my disclosure for more information: disclosure*** How does your family react when you get home from a long, trying day at work? I seem to get bombarded as I walk in the door with one question from everyone, “what's for dinner!” It's quite possible I'm only halfway through

How to Start a Money Making Blog

***This post may contain Affiliate links, please see my disclosure for more information*** I'm going to tell you a little story about how I started my blog. I'm sharing it with you because prior to June of this year (2017) I didn't know the first thing about how to start a blog, let alone a

Dinner Ideas – Chicken & Rice Recipe

***This post may contain Affiliate links, please see my disclosure for more information*** I'm so excited to share the most basic chicken and rice recipe I have! This is something that my husband threw together one night! We eat a lot of chicken in my house. Sometimes finding simple chicken dinner ideas can be a

Yours, Mine, Ours – 5 Common Blended Family Mistakes

When my husband and I were married, our wedding was far from Traditional. I walked down the aisle to a familiar tune by Rascal Flat's, I'm sure you've heard “Broken Road”. Well, my journey down the aisle mimicked the familiar words in this song, with “God bless the broken road that led me straight to you”

Lipsense – Glam or Bland

Do you consider yourself to be more of GLAM girl? Or how about a BLAND girl? I'm FAR from GLAM! I mean, come on! First, I live in Vermont…. second, I work for a Plumber! (**insert laughing emoji with tears here**) explain to me how either of my normal, every day, circumstances would allow me